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  Our Mission  

We, at Sonoma Valley Foods Inc., take pride in being the oldest family-owned and operated tortillería in the San Francisco Bay Area. We specialize in crafting fresh, authentic tortillas, chips, tostadas, and flavored wraps daily in Santa Rosa, California, using top-quality ingredients. Our dedication to creating great-tasting products is driven by our commitment to serving both our valued customers and our own families. Our company takes pride in our family-oriented approach, which is reflected in the exceptional customer service we offer. We work closely with our clients to ensure that every order, whether it's for tortillas, chips, tostadas, or flavored wraps, meets their specific requirements. Catering to both large and small companies, we provide co-packaging options and highly customizable products. We look forward to delivering high-quality, delicious tortillas, chips, tostadas, and flavored wraps to our customers.

Our History

Sonoma Valley Foods Inc. is a story of two families—the Rodriguez and the Valencia—which traces its roots back to San Francisco’s Mission District in the 1930s. As the Latino population began to boom in San Francisco, Trinidad Villaran saw the need for a high-quality Mexican market that could provide both a bakery and handmade tortillas.

As he served the Mission District, his business grew—in 1963, he separated the tortilla factory from the market, where his nephew Alfonso Rodriguez took over and started Mexican Food Products. Alfonso then passed operations over to his wife, Rosa Maria Rodriguez, in 1982. It was around this time that Rosa Maria Rodriguez created the first flavored wraps, beginning with spinach, tomato, chipotle, and whole wheat. While Rosa Maria Rodriguez was busy creating flavorful wraps, in 2001 the Valencia family—the second half of the Sonoma Valley Foods history—opened Tortillería El Molino, a Mexican Specialty Market in Santa Rosa. Like the tortillerías of Mexico, Tortillería El Molino made tortillas fresh daily so that customers could buy tortillas for each day or even each meal.

Starting from humble beginnings that included sorting tortillas by hand, by 2004 Tortillería El Molino had grown to serve not only local retail customers but also several restaurants in the area that needed quality tortillas. Seeking to improve their ability to produce quality Mexican food products, in 2006 the Valencia and Rodriguez families merged Mexican Food Products and Tortilleria El Molino to create Sonoma Valley Foods Inc.. Since then, Sonoma Valley Foods has specialized in making high-quality, authentic, Mexican-style tortillas for the San Francisco Bay Area

Nuestra Historia

Sonoma Valley Foods Inc. es una de las compañías familiares más antiguas del Área de la Bahía de San Francisco. La historia de Sonoma Valley Foods se trata de dos familias--los Rodríguez y los Valencia--empieza en 1930 en el Distrito de la Misión en San Francisco. Cuando la populación latina empezaba a crecer en San Francisco, Trinidad Villarán vio la necesidad de un mercado mexicano que podría ofrecer pan y tortillas hechas a mano. El negocio creció tanto que en 1963, se separó la tortillería del mercado y encargó a su sobrino Alfonso Rodríguez. Alfonso empezó Mexican Food Products y pasó el negocio a su esposa Rosa María Rodríguez en 1982.

Durante este tiempo, Rosa María Rodríguez inventó las tortillas de sabores diversas, empezando con espinaca, tomate, chipotle, e integral. Mientras Rosa María Rodríguez inventaba tortillas sabrosas, en 2001 la familia Valencia--la otra mitad de la historia de Sonoma Valley Foods—abrió en Santa Rosa Tortillería el Molino, un mercado especializado en comida mexicana.

Como las tortillerías de México, se hacía tortillas frescas diariamente, para que la gente pudiera comprarlas al día o para cada comida. Se empezó modestamente, organizando las tortillas a mano, y en el 2004 Tortillería el Molino había crecido a servir no solo a la gente local, sino también a muchos restaurantes que necesitaban tortillas de alta calidad. Con el propósito de hacer tortillas frescas para la gente local, las familias Valencia y Rodríguez se unieron en el 2006 para crear Sonoma Valley Foods.

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