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Taquito Amarillo 4 1/2, 60ct

Taquito Amarillo 4 1/2, 60ct


Introducing our Taquito Amarillo 4 1/2, 60ct Yellow Corn Tortillas – a burst of sunshine for your table! Crafted from the finest yellow corn and produced with stringent GMP standards, these soft and pliable tortillas, measuring 4 1/2 inches, bring both color and flavor to your meals. Ideal for creating mini-tacos, appetizers, or any dish where a smaller size is preferred, these tortillas maintain their mild corn taste, complementing a variety of fillings. Elevate your dining experience with these authentic and inviting Taquito Amarillo tortillas, adding a touch of warmth and vibrancy to every bite. With 60 tortillas per pack, you're ready to create delicious moments at for any plate you need .

  • -Made Fresh to Order -Cholesterol Free -100% Stone Ground Nixtamal -Gluten Free -Og Trans fat for serving - Tablet-K Certified

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